All Lives Matter

War of Memes: Black Lives Matter

This is the War of Memes: “Black Lives Matter” edition.

A War of Memes is a where an issue that should be respectfully discussed using the highest and most nuanced and direct linguistic tools known to man, instead gets #hashtagged on the bumper stickers of the internet. Enjoy wasting your time for the next couple minutes.

Easy listening:

Black Lives Matter and Cancer-Arthur Chu

Black-All Lives matter-graffittiWomb Rights Vomit over Black Lives Matter All Lives Matter may be one's personal position eCards Stop Polarizing This Killed by police during arrest Police Actions Illustrated
How Liberals Think
Focusing on Black Lives Matter Because Judicial Doesn't Know
Death of the Unarmed-Abortion Dear Hip Hop DangCop says Black Lives Matter White Lives Matter More Church Black and All Lives Matter Black on Black Murder Black Lives Matter when killed by White Cop Black Lives Matter except at abortion clinics

All Stores Matter

Glen Beck Think of the White People Point of Black Lives Matter-Star Trek SMHPoint of Black Lives Matter-Star Trek SMH