Year of Our Lord (2018)


My best-of playlist is being released early in the year, so that you lot can follow and comment on it in real time. I won’t list my top 10 albums until year’s end, but at least you’ll have some tasty new tracks to jam all year long.

You’re all blessed to have me providing this valuable public service. I will take payment in whatever form you can provide.





Year of Our Lord (2017)

Behold! My definitive list of the year’s best releases.

I’ve selected one representative track from each album I found noteworthy for the year. It’s a long list, for sure, but there were lots of great albums released in 2017. The first 10 tracks represent my top 10 favorite albums of the year, alphabetically by artist. The remainder of the list is good, too.

Enjoy responsibly.



Rock and Roll Means Well But It Can’t Help Telling Young Boys Lies

And a baby on the way’s a good enough reason to get you out alive…

Hello world, for my first ever blog post, I’m going to sing the praises of the Drive-By Truckers, one of the most overlooked American Rock bands alive today. DBT will be spending their weekend, starting this Thursday, in Athens, Georgia. I highly recommend that you go to one of the nights if possible, because their shows are incredible displays of rock prowess. Let-There-Be-and-Long-Live-Rock.